Vic Neufeld – From Peach Farmer to CEO

Vic Neufeld headshot

Vic Neufeld on the Farm

Vic Neufeld is a business executive who has been with seven different companies. He holds one of the highest positions in all companies he worked with such as a chairman, director, and chief executive officer. Most of the companies he has worked with are in the alternative healthcare such as a leading vitamin brand and a cannabis-producing company. Who would have thought that a peach farmer could be a top business executive one day?

Vic Neufeld the Farmer

Vic Neufeld grew up in a family of hard-working people. His father moved to Canada from Germany after World War II. With not enough money to raise a family, his dad decided to sharecrop until such time he was able to save enough money to buy his own farm. A young Vic Neufeld his three brothers were asked by their father to help on the farm. Right after school, they were required to help on the peach farm. Vic recalls it as a difficult time in his life. His father was a disciplinarian and has instilled in him the value of money. If you want to achieve something, you need to work hard for it. Vic has instilled in his mind that he does not want to be a farmer all his life.

He left home to pursue his college education. He took up a bachelor’s degree in economics, accounting, and finance and an MBA from the University of Windsor and the University of Western Ontario. With hard work, perseverance, and dedication, he became a chartered accountant.

Vic’s Business Career

Vic has been successful in building his career and reputation as a business executive. He has been in the business arena for over two decades. He worked with seven different companies and he became a great asset in every company he has worked with. He became a director of a family credit union. He also became a chief executive officer of one of the leading cannabis-producing companies in the world.

Vic also served as a chief executive officer and president of one of the highly reputable vitamin brands in the world. He is also a chartered accountant with expertise in financial accounting and management. Vic also served as a member of the Advisory Board at Green Acre Capital. Victor has achieved in his over two decades in the executive arena. His expertise and work ethic are the two primary reasons why some of the biggest names in the industry want him to be a part of their company.

Although Vic Neufeld is a busy man, he makes sure he finds time to do the things he loves. In his free time, Vic plays golf, hockey, and basketball. He doesn’t have much energy to play hockey and basketball but it brings him back in the day when he and his brothers play games. It’s a feeling of nostalgia. It brings him back in the days when life was simple and less complicated. Life was difficult on the farm but it thought him lessons he will cherish forever.

Vic Neufeld Extended Interview Video

In this interview Vic Neufeld points out that, “I see the culmination of several years in the making of diligent planning. A lot of gray matter applied to get to the success story we are today”.